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The Pure-Light Super Oxygen Light™ bulb is a miniature AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM.

When you turn it on, it goes to work CLEANING the air and KILLING 99.9% of mold, fungus, cold & flu viruses, and deadly bacteria.

It also eliminates odor, and is almost impossible to break.

In addition, (yes, there’s more!) the Pure-Light™ bulb helps make your home or office hypo-allergenic, helps fight winter blues and S.A.D, uses 70%-90% LESS ENERGY than incandescent bulbs,

LASTS 10-20 times longer, fits into any standard light bulb socket, produces a beautiful white light, is cheaper to use and DOES NOT contain mercury!

Take a Look Here!

NASA's technology is used to Clean & Purify the air on the International Space Station...

It's now IMPROVED and made in the form of an LED Light Bulb!!!

The Pure-Light™ bulb is:
• BBB Certified
• Patented
• ISO 9001 and 14001 certified
• Has a MSDS rating of "Non-Toxic"
• SAFE to use Indoors and Outdoors


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