The “Foot in the Door” Way to Online Success - Earn $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 commissions

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Question for all you married people: Did you ask your spouse to

marry you on the first date?

Of course not.

Dating is a series of progressively larger “requests”.

Go out with me…spend more time with me…meet my friends…meet my

parents…become intimate with me…share a living space with me…marry me.

You don’t get them to say “yes” the big request without getting

them to say “yes” to the smaller requests first.

And researchers have discovered this works in sales as well. A

good way to get someone to make a larger purchase is to get them to make a

smaller purchase first.

After the first purchase, they start to IDENTIFY as someone who

buys products like that.

And they are much more likely to make a larger purchase later.

That’s how Matt Lloyd has made over $51 million with MOBE and


He’s perfected the “get your foot in the door” technique with

his system.

And you can tap into the same million dollar system yourself by

getting YOUR foot in the door for just $49.

No need to buy a ring! Just go out on that first date!

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John Seitzler

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