Blog your way to a lucrative online business

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Blog your way to a fortune!

What are the keys to a lucrative online marketing business?

Key #1 A Growing Market

Key #2 A Force Multiplier

Key #3 The Right Timing

The Growing Internet Market

Recent statistics suggest that there are over 2.8 Billion Users on the Internet – worldwide. Google suggests that of these users about 30% are interested or actively making money on the Internet. This would mean that there are 1 Billion Potential Customers in our market around the world. Currently the Kalatu System is available in 6 languages with another 6 being developed.

Our Force Multiplier is the Kalatu System

The Kalatu System is designed as a Smart Blogging System with state of the art widgets, hacks, suggestions while typing your content, interchangable themes on the fly, SEO suggestions and keywords, and many more active tips and tricks for the blogger. You can see my blog below.

The Right Timing

Currently the release of the New Kalatu and Kalatu Premium Systems are generating new levels of sales and driving sales in 6 countries internationally.

The keys to building a lucrative online business around the Kalatu Blogging Systems are in place at present in 6 countries.

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